Monday, December 1, 2008

Sucess Comes in Painful Ways...

Well i'll have to be honest with you guys....i got a blue eye.Now i know,how you'd get it? Its all rather complicating but i got a much alternative way for all of us to understand this serious matter.Another great comic sent from my friend,thanks.Anyways,it all started when i worked ....

Yet another boring update

Hope random is what your thinking


Ahh can't get anymore random than this....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My All Time Favourite Comic Strip Ever!

You have to be a X-box 360 fan or a hardcore gamer to laugh at this comic:

All of the best heroes afraid of a pinata... Classic

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PSP a.k.a. The Nut

The PSP (Playstation Portable) is one of the Best handheld console to be soled around.Not only it plays game, you can put videos,internet access and whole lot more in just this console.Famous around,its prefered by a lot of people in many ways.But are you willing to risk the idea on how the advertising of this little thing became about.The idea was suppose to be ideal to bring people to play outside.But the the idea seems to backfire and totally....well you gotta watch it to know the idea became all wrong.

Again My Hats to my friend. =D

School Blues

November and December the Most Desperate time for a distraction......
Ah screw the thing and let's us all try enjoy our school holidays which are hopefully fun and exciting. And me i'll be here all the time!!! crap xD
Happy Holidays people!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Impersonating people is fun and cool.You can be that person by mimicking his or her way by voice,acting like him and other random crap.But is it possible to do impressions in a certain amount of time?Well this guy is gonna do the "impressions in 50 seconds"and there be people you'll know.Without further or do "That Guy With The Glasses"

Hats of to my friend whose name will not be mention...for now. haha

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Crying is something we all do(yes i do...sometimes haha)but anyway crying isn't something we all should be afraid.In fact,we can cry anywhere and anytime we want,its totally fine unless we have some friends who acts like asses(no names mentioned)who go up to you and say "You're Such a LOSER,LOSER,LOSER!!!" well you get the point,anyway what i can conclude is crying should be the anti-bravery motion feeling type of thing.

Well this guy(again)is gonna show why some people should not look at the down-side of crying:

This is dedicated to all cryers out there and remember one thing:I DID MY BEST!